Istanbul: Spice

To end the series on Istanbul, the best theme would be spice. Long known for its Spice Market and Grand Bazaar, Istanbul is a city of world class shopping. As the connection between Europe and Asia, many spices and commodities passed through these lands.

For spices, people venture to the bustling Spice Bazaar in Eminönü. All sorts of spices and teas can be found here, but often come at a premium price. Still, the many colors make a good visit. In the alleys nearby are cheap kitchen shops and small bakeries with fantastic Turkish sweets.

For everything else there is the Grand Bazaar. Modernized for the 21st century with TV monitors and high class shopping, the Grand Bazaar mixes a bit of the old and the new. Old guild quarters still stand, while you can see modern shoppers busily haggling away as the shop owners curse them in Turkish tongue.

The two bazaars complete a trip to Istanbul and summarize the city of many colors.


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