What is Venice, but an idea of human resilience and magnificence. Venice is like no other in the world, a grand city built on the sea. It pushes the envelope of human ingenuity and provides something that challenges the vistor’s senses and norms. Although Venice can be overly crowded, it is not so terrible.

Venice is made of two primary islands that are divided by the Grand Canal. The “underbelly” or bottom side is much less crowded, but also has the traditional small streets and little canals. The upper side, which holds the primary sites along with the train station is linked by a major avenue. This makes it simple for walking and finding your way, at least until you pass Rialto Bridge…and then you are back into small alleys.

There are several signs, even on the smallest alley to direct you toward the main points. Piazza San Marco is where Saint Mark’sĀ Basilica, the Bell Tower, and most other worthy views lie. Other than that, it is worth just walking around and looking for what you like the best. Venice is best enjoyed sitting on a canal and eating some delicious Italian food.


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  1. Gorgeous Venice, I can’t wait to get back there.

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