Unless you are interested in fashion, Milan may have limited appeal to you. Italians from other regions often scoff at the Milano lifestyle, which they see as overpriced and sometimes burdened with overbearing rudeness. This doesn’t have to be necessity in a visit to Milan, as there are plenty of nice people, but big cities often bring out the worst in many.

The main attraction in Milan is, of course, the Duomo. This is one of the most fantastic churches in Italy. The white marbled church almost glows in the sunlight, matched by its fantastic shopping promenades, this church should not be missed. As of March 2012, it is undergoing restoration which might see the main pier covered for much of the year.

Two stations away is the Castello Sforenzo, or Da Vinci’s Castle. Da Vinci painted some paintings in the castle, so you will often see signs directing you towards Da Vinci’s legacy. The castle isn’t anything extraordinary, by itself, but if you happen to be in Milan it might be worth stopping by.


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