Copenhagen (København)

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, situated along the coast and built across several canals. My train actually boarded a ferry to get into Denmark from Berlin, the entire train just drove straight into the ferry. From there, Copenhagen is not too far of a ride. Unlike other cities in Europe, Copenhagen was mostly spared damage from World War II or the Cold War.

The city has a surprisingly large amount of things to see and do. It isn’t filled with churches, rather palaces and monuments and important buildings. An extensive canal network resembles Amsterdam, but with much fewer tourists. Populated with the “happiest people in the world”, Copenhagen always has fresh and friendly Danes ready to help.

It is also home to Christiania which is a hippie commune that has declared itself “independent”. There is also the mermaid, which is incredibly small and has a fantastic background of smokestacks and tourists. But besides these “must sees”, Copenhagen has much to offer by just taking a stroll.


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