Amsterdam is a lot of things, but mostly its a pretty crowded tourist city. There are canals everywhere and tons of things to see and do. The Damm is the center of the city, beyond it are the many canals that are worth exploring. Skip Tussads and its outrageous line to see “celebrities”, instead take a stroll behind the Palace and Museums into the many desolate canals and passageways.

Leaving your hotel around 8 am is a perfect time to get a shot of the Damm without the crowds or people in weird costumes. It is also the perfect time to see Anne Frank’s House and its notorious line (although if you were smart you would have already booked a time online). The “house” is definitely worth seeing, although the queue and the time it takes is rather long.

There are also several museums worth seeing such as the Rijksmuseum or Rembrandt or Van Gogh. The Rijksmuseum is under major reconstruction till 2013, so few parts of it are open but it is still worth going to. Also its worth grabbing a city pass for transportation if you plan on going long distances, otherwise the city is easily walkable.


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