Nuremberg (Nürnberg)

In Bavaria (Bayern) a pretty little city named Nuremburg (Nürnberg) sits 2 hours outside of Munich. One of the most famous notabilities, besides the World War II trials, is its Christmas market. We decided to drive down to check out this claim to fame, but instead we found ourselves jammed in Pedestrian traffic. In the market you can buy fresh nuts, wurst, and other delicacies. They even have an international section, where you can buy goods from around the world. Of course other nice things include Christmas ornaments and carolers.

Besides the market, there are numerous bridges and city walls, along with old churches. Everything was rebuilt after World War II, therefore giving you a nice picture of life in Medieval Nuremberg. 20 minutes outside of the city are the outlets/factories for Puma and Adidas. If you are in the market for clothes and shoes, stop by there.

More Info: Christmas Market 


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