The Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum on Berlin’s world famous Museum Island is a definite don’t miss. For 10€ (5€ students) you can see the original altar of Pergamon, the market gate of Miletus, and the Ishtar Gate from Babylon. Walking through this museum is like walking through the world of the ancients. The ceremonial walkway of Babylon is there, along with stunning views of an old Syrian castle wall.

The central altar of Pergamon was brought from the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), when parts of it were being destroyed by locals for personal use. It was then gifted by the Sultan to a german archaeologist. Babylon’s famous Ishtar Gate followed a similar story along with many other buildings from ancient greek cities in Turkey.

With a plethora of originals and a museum that actually houses buildings, the Pergamon Museum is a must see. For extra there is a temporary exhibit in front of the museum where you can stand in the middle of a giant panoramic picture of Pergamon. Another sight is the east wing which is populated with more treasures from Pergamon. Both come at a premium.

More Info: Pergamon Museum + Pergamon Panorama


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