Matsu Islands (馬祖列島)

The Matsu Islands lie only a few kilometers away from China, which can easily be seen on a clear day. The islands are ancient, clustered with only granite homes that were built hundreds of years ago. Although “part of” Taiwan, it is mainly Fuzhian in culture and directly related to China’s Fuzhou province. ROC forces managed to hold onto this heavily militarized island chain, so it remains with Taiwan.

The Islands are strangely serene and quiet even though soldiers outnumber residents and it faces one of the hottest borders in the world. It is unreal looking out from an ancient stone village at huge Chinese mountains in the distance. Few tourists venture here as Lonely Planet calls it as “off-beaten” as it gets. Maybe it is better that way, since there is something unique and beautiful about this place.

More Info: Wikipedia + Official Tourist Site


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