Dharma Drum (法鼓山) and Juming (朱銘美術館)

For frequent vistors of the somewhat neglected Taipei Bus Station (not the one in the mall), you may have come across a strange bus going to Dharma Drum Mountain. On a boring day, I decided to see where this bus would go. After a 2 hour (maybe longer) bus ride, we arrive at this strange modern monastery at the top of a mountain. This, apparently, is the headquarters for the Buddhist temple of the same name.

The temple is huge and they do offer tours in English, but we preferred to journey alone. Across the temple are many small trails for meditation and several statues worth checking out. You can see the sea, beaches, and rolling mountains. One nice thing, is how green this area is. Maybe due to the location or the foliage, but the mountain is truly a gem.

Above the temple one will see giant, but strange statues. Here lies Juming’s Sculpture Garden. This place is really something amazing, it is hard to believe so many tourists would overlook something truly original. This beautiful park features hundreds of sculptures by Juming. Many of them are massive creations and most follow a militaristic theme. At the end of the park, along a rise is a giant “naval ship”.

I highly recommend Juming’s Sculpture Park. Unfortunately there is only one bus from Taipei, and Taxi is the only way to get there.

More Info: Juming + Dharma Drum


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