Once upon a time in a country called Vietnam, American troops committed heinous atrocities to a country that so desperately wished for real independence. But this war was a generation ago for the Vietnamese. Within one lost generation, Vietnam has become an economic powerhouse. The bitter history has been softened, no longer is there a Museum of American War Crimes, but a War Remnants Museum.

Vietnam has moved on and with it has come “capitalism” and the fast life. Gorgeous remnants of French architecture presents itself all over Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, whichever you wish to call it. Tourists are in abundance and the Vietnamese remain incredibly friendly. In all irony it isn’t too hard to find American companies dotting all over Saigon streets.

Since many clothes are manufactured here, it is easy to find a great deal on clothes. Many people come to have suits made. There are also great restaurants and fantastic views from hotel tops in downtown. Saigon is beautiful and enchanting, definitely worth another visit.


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