Osaka is a quaint city further south. With a vibrant night scene and central setting, it makes a great starting point for any Japan journey. We managed to see much of the country through day trips from Osaka. But Osaka isn’t culturally devoid.

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan. Near the center of the city is an “ancient” castle which is actually a reconstruction of what a traditional Japanese castle looks like. Like many of Japan’s castles, it sucummbed to modernity, war, and more often than not, fire. It is surrounded by massive walls and an ancient moat.

One of the more interesting landmarks is the Tsūtenkaku, the symbol of Osaka’s post war boom. Around the area you will find a plethora of places to eat as well as a mild amount of tourism. At night check out the Umeda Sky Building where you can see the entire city at night.


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